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Do you want to play a scary horror game? One that will frighten you too much you will find it difficult to sleep later at night? Then, we have just got something in store for you. You will love this one. Welcome to Granny! Following the tradition of intensely frightening survival games, Granny game horror features a highly stressful encounter with dangerous grandmother while you are trapped in an old haunted house.

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Can you make it out of the unholy place? How long can you survive this god-forsaken environment? Doubts will enter your mind, and you become your own enemy. Survival becomes bleak the longer your detention becomes. You have five days to break free. Beyond that period, no one knows what will happen next, but you can only expect the worst. Truly, that is what Granny game horror is. Will you take on this scary adventure? If you are brave enough, step inside the unholy house and see if you have what it takes to live through the horrible experience and tell the tale. Best of luck to you then!

You Are Trapped In An Eerie House

Picture this – You wake up without any memory of what happened immediately before your current situation. You stood up and looked around. After a brief moment of regaining your consciousness, you explore the place. It is then that you realize you are trapped in this strange house.

Moreover, there is no one but yourself in it. But, you sense something is not right. Something ghostly; a sinister presence, unholy entity envelopes this creepy house. So, you try to keep quiet and minimize any sound you make as you move about. You stand in a corner and try to remember how you got here. Then, you feel the freakish presence of something. You are not alone! This is when you start to fear for your safety, for your life. You have to get out! Who knows what arcane creature lurks or what it can do to you?

Escape This Haunted House

Surely, you know this now – your life is at stake. At each passing moment, your chances of surviving this ordeal slims. The longer this experience pushes on, the less likely you will get out of the eerie house alive and in one piece. So, get out now! Or else, you will die. But with the doors and entryways blocked and locked, liberty will not be an easy objective to attain. What you need to do is explore the nooks and crannies of this spine-chilling house. You realize there is hope for escape after all. With the right tools, you can get out and see the sun outside again.

Hope is Revitalized

The good thing is that, everything you need to break free from this hellish place is inside. You just have to look for the right tools to facilitate your escape from this eerie house. You need to look around. Explore every room. Experiment with the things you find in it. Try if these tools can open the locked doors or create new ways for your egress.

You Only Have Five Days

Are five days not enough? Or are five days too long for you? Then, do whatever it takes to break free. But, do it without making too much noise or commotion. A tiny sound will betray you, leading this killer granny to your location. So, watch out for traps and unpleasant surprises along the way. The old woman has tricks up her sleeves, making your every moment inside the house a very perilous one. Good thing is that there is a key inside the house. It is up to you to devise plans necessary to retrieve this precious item and unlock the door. Good luck! May you survive this spine-chilling ordeal in one piece.

The Unholy Host Has Other Plans

However, aware of your presence, your host has some villainous plans for you. So, be quiet and move stealthily. One false move could be perilous to you. A small sound you make can spell doom. So, move and hide. Get all the tools you need to escape. Be cautious, yet act fast.

Surely, Granny game horror is a very scary game. Truly, maniacs and the demented come in various forms and shapes. Who would have thought a serial killer can appear in the person of a nice, old lady. By day, she may seem like a lovely granny who cannot hurt a fly. But when the sun is down and no one is looking, she is a terrifying murderer who torments her guests for days. Playing with them before killing these once unsuspecting souls.

So, what do you do when you are put in this highly stressful situation? When there is a host that seeks to do ungodly things on every guest that steps into its eerie house? Unfortunately, you are that ill-fated visitor. Now that you are trapped inside the hellish home, there is no use crying over something that has happened already. Pick it up and find ways to escape the place.

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Do you want to try this scary adventure? Find your way out and break free from this insane granny. You can download Granny horror game online for free. You can even play it on a bigger screen with Granny PC. Give yourself a good scare and play this game now. Who knows? Maybe you will need it later.

Game Features

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  • Gameplay is amazing.
  • There are more new updates.
  • The graphics and sound effects are awesome.
  • You can choose to play the easy or difficult mode.

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