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Granny vs Other Horror Games – Rating the Fright

As we know, Granny is a high-quality free to play horror game filled with cheap but good scares. Since its release, it has been well-received for its engaging gameplay, and grim atmosphere. It is also one of the highest-rated free to play horror games ever made (because there aren’t any other free to play horror games anyway).

However, we couldn’t help but compare it to other horror games before and after it. That is why we’re here to compare some of them and rate the scars to see if they are any better than Granny. Please take note that these are all based entirely on our opinions towards the other games. Please do not use it for reference to check which game is better.

Granny gameplay


Taking a Look at Granny

Before we compare the other games, let’s look at Granny first. Like any jump scare game, it is a first-person horror simulator where you are highly vulnerable to a lurking monster or murderer. In this case, you are trapped inside Granny’s house. Although, you are not sure if you are Granny’s relative or only a stranger, but one thing we do know is that she is a demented killer that keeps her victims locked inside. Based on her looks, nobody knows if she’s an undead or just someone who is excessively psychotic. Either way, she’s just frightening to look at.

To finish the game, you will need to gather items inside the house while stealthily going around. It’s also one of the few jump scare games where you can equip a weapon (which you need to assemble and locate first). It would be best if you solved the puzzles and ultimately leave via the car or through the main door. What makes this game different is the randomization of objects which will not spawn in the same area as your previous session. And, just as mentioned, you can equip a weapon: a shotgun or tranquillizer. However, neither can permanently kill Granny.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

Granny took heavy inspiration from 2 games: Slender and Five Nights at Freddy’s. The latter became a massive hit in 2014 and had numerous sequels in the years that followed. For the convenience of describing the game, we will go with the very first of the series and arguably the best one.

If you have never played FNaF before, you play as a night-shift security guard where you must do surveillance in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. But, what nobody told you in the job description is that the animatronics are moving and sinister. It’s quite a hard game, too, because you’re technically immobile. The only way to prevent the possessed mechs from getting to you is to multitask between looking at the cameras and sealing off the doors to the security room. The jump scares are quite the banger, too, which is why we chose this over the sequels that followed.

It’s not the most visually appealing game, but its dark atmosphere and paranoia brought quite frightening players. Well done, Scott Cawthon.
Slender The game that started the jump scare sub-genre into the mainstream where the protagonist is slow and vulnerable. Released in 2012, Slender became the it-game for cheap scares and randomly generated puzzles. It was also the horror game that gave you no weapons nor the speed to outrun the Slender Man.

It was also a very simple game, but a horror title that is considered, to this day, as one of the most atmospheric horror games ever made. Just don’t bother with the sequel though; it’s terrible—also the movie. Do NOT watch the film. It’s cursed in a way that the film is plain horrible.

Amnesia: Dark Descent

Before the emotionally-scarring SOMA, Frictional Games created Amnesia: Dark Descent. It is a game that many developers will use to reference their jumpscare titles like Slender, Outrun and FNaF. This game is also the one that Granny took heavy inspiration from when it comes down to the gameplay: a stealthy horror type where you must collect items and solve puzzles while avoiding a beastly creature lurking around the corridors.

Besides, it is one of the unique horror games because it has the sanity meter – which alters the levels based on how paranoid you become – and a Lovecraft-esque theme. It is also the game that made many content creators famous today, like Pewdiepie and Markiplier.

Which is Better

There are tons of other games to talk about like Resident Evil 7, Outrun, Alien: Isolation and SOMA because of their similarities. Still, we thought these were the most compared to Granny. No game is better than the other because it always boils down to the preference of the player. But, if you do want to play Granny on PC, now is your chance. Play it for free!