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Granny vs Granny Chapter 2 – Brief Game Features Comparison

In the world of free-to-play games, a few titles succeed while others descend into mediocrity. Some of the successful ones are sometimes discovered by accident, while some are just meant to go viral. Speaking of going viral, those with unique characters and catchy titles often make it to the pedestal; one of those games is DVloper’s survival horror game: Granny.

When DVloper unleashed their entry to the survival horror genre, they did not expect the title to go viral across multiple video game platforms. For the most part, the game is a straightforward horror game and is a spinoff to another survival horror game: Slendrina.

Granny first came out on mobile in 2017 and, after becoming an instant success, it came to PC through steam a year later in 2018. The game managed to accumulate over 100 million downloads with an overall rating of 4.26/5 in the Android platform alone. The PC port through steam also was an instant hit with a very positive review.




Granny’s success led to the development of Granny Chapter 2 two years after the inception of the first chapter. The second chapter is also huge hit boasting over 50 million downloads. That’s with an overall rating of 4.36 on the Android platform during its first year alone. Like the first installment, Granny Chapter Two was also highly acclaimed on Steam.

So, if you are wondering what makes it different from its sequel, then we’re here to help! Wonder no more as we have compiled each of the unique gameplay elements and features of both games below.

Granny vs Granny Chapter 2 Features & Mechanics

To start, we will base our features and gameplay mechanics on the first installment; that way, we can see if there is a vast difference between the two titles. Also, do note that both of the game are two years apart in terms of development, which means that the newer game would likely have the best features.


On a side-by-side comparison of both Granny and Granny Chapter Two, it is noticeable that the sequel is far more superior when it comes to graphics. Granny Chapter Two is more refined in terms of audio-visual presentation. However, that does not mean that the original game is deficient in the areas mentioned earlier. It just means that DVloper has put enough effort into making the sequel even better than the original game. Either way, both Granny and Granny Chapter Two features the same eerie atmosphere that will send shivers to your spine.


Granny and Granny Chapter Two are straightforward when it comes to narrative. Both titles feature identical introductions wherein the protagonist wakes up inside the home of Granny. The main difference between the two titles is that Chapter Two introduces a new antagonist in Grandpa. Thus making the sequel twice as horrifying as the first one.


Granny and Granny Chapter Two does not differ in gameplay, as both games come with the same basic mechanics. This means that you will not have problems transitioning to the sequel if you played the original game. As mentioned above, the presence of Grandpa in the sequel adds more to the challenge of the game. In other words, the Chapter Two ups the challenge a bit compared to its predecessor.




Granny Gameplay: Overall Feedback

Granny and Granny Chapter Two are both great games with creepy characters and lots of jumpscare game moments. Suppose you compare both games based on essential elements like graphics and audio. In that case, the clear winner is the sequel. All because the game uses a newer engine. Both titles are like peanut butter and jelly in a sandwich; the peanut butter or the jelly alone already makes the sandwich great.

Nevertheless, having both on the same bread makes the sandwich even better. Thus the Chapter Two without original game is already outstanding; Granny’s same can be without Chapter Two. So, playing both games will give you an experience unlike you have ever experienced before. To that end, it is best to play the first chapter followed by the next to maximize the experience.