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Fool-Proof Tips on Beating Granny & Escaping the House

Granny is a horror game that is fun to play with friends. Playing it alone can also be exciting if you are a bit of a daredevil. Some laugh it off while there are those players who still think of the game afterward. If you do want something that will linger in your mind all throughout the day, Granny might just be perfect. The title isn’t spooky or anything at first glance. But once you have downloaded the game to your very own desktop PC, brace yourself. There’s no going back.

Granny Jumpscare

The old lady herself looks creepy and the sound effects make Granny a total horror game package. The game is all about avoiding old and spooky Granny while trying to leave the house. She is very sensitive even to the faintest sound in any room, so you have to be very careful. To help you with your main goal of leaving the house, you need to go around the different rooms in the house. Then, you must acquire essential objects and keys as these are the “escape items” in the game.

Of course, to be able to beat Granny, you also need to solve different puzzles that come your way. And if she caught you, she would instantly bang your head and start all over again. You can only try to escape the house five to six times. But take note, the items you are looking for will be found in different locations. So every time you lose and start again, it is a new and different challenge.

Find These Items to Escape Granny

To outsmart Granny, you need to think ahead and know the important objects to gather in the house. You can find some of them in the backyard but you have to be very careful not to catch her attention. Otherwise, you will have to do it all over again.

  • Hammer – to knock and remove planks and destroy the camera.
  • Code – you can find this on the upper padlock on the front door.
  • Cutting Pliers – you can use this to cut the wire in the grey box in the basement, to turn the lights green on the front door, and to use it on the fan found in the attic, specifically the prison cell.
  • Cogwheel – you can use it with another cogwheel to get an item. You must first get the playhouse key to be able to open the door.
  • Cogwheel 2 – you can use this item with the first cogwheel. You will also find this in the backyard.


Granny Cogwheel


  • Winch Handle – this handle raises a bucket in the well which has an item inside. The well is found in the backyard.
  • Screwdriver – this is used to open a small grey box to find an item. The box can be found in the secret passage by the basement.
  • Battery – at the front door, put the battery in the slot of the door itself.
  • Melon – get the guillotine in the back yard and use this to open up the melon. An item is found inside.
  • Keys – depending on appearance and color, these keys have different purposes and they are all essential for your escape. The most important one is the Red Master Key since it is the key to the front door.

How to Ensure Your Escape

Now that you have the items in mind, you must also know the main areas to ditch the old lady. If not, you’ll end up getting pounded to death. Top places to hide before collecting items are under the beds or small passageways inside the house. This way, you can creep or crawl discreetly so Granny cannot notice you. If you have already surveyed the entire house, take note of the hiding places also. So that when she’s near, you can quickly jump into and hide.

Granny Hiding

Another tactic to escape from Granny is to make noise. You can knock over some objects in the room and lure her. This may be in the backyard or inside the attic. Once she approaches, you can easily pass the secret passageway near the stairs. However, you must be careful when making noise. Make sure that you’re making noise to lure her away from you and not towards you. Strategize where you will make noise and immediately find your way out so that you won’t get caught. Moreover, doing this will make your distraction tactic successful.

In the end, the most effective tactic to beat Granny–or any other game–is to practice. Apply all the tips here in real life and turn them into your key to success. Have fun playing Granny by downloading the game now!