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Granny Guide – What are the Items You Can Use in the Game

Granny is an incredible horror game by DVloper that gained millions of fans worldwide. This game requires nerves of steel for you to finish because the main antagonist, Granny, will always want to scare and prevent you from escaping. Your main objective is to move from one room to another, in silence, before she sees you. Or else, she’ll beat you up, and you lose. So, before all that, you need to find some items that you can use to successfully make it through the door. Unfortunately, you can only hold and handle one item at a time.

Granny has many different items in her house, which is honestly, her sore point. She doesn’t want you to escape, but she has these things lying around for you to find. Now, to successfully flee the wrath of this scary grandma, you need a laser focus and know where these items are located.

Granny guide padlock item

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To help you locate the items easily, we have created this comprehensive granny guide for you. Here, you’ll learn what the single-use items are and where their locations are at. Take note that they respawn from different areas of the house each time you play. Find out what these items are and their different spawn locations.

Single-Use Items & Their Spawn Locations

Below are some of the important items you’ll need in the game.

Winch Handle

The first item is the Winch Handle. You need to use the winch handle to get the bucket from the well located in the backyard. The spawn locations for this item are; a secret sewer cell, a safe in the basement, a hidden closet on the first floor, and the wardrobe in the study.

Padlock Code

Next is the Padlock Code, which you need to use to open the main door. You’ll discover the code in the kitchen cupboard, on a meat room wall, or in a drawer in the study room. Other times, it’s in the closet under the stairs located in the main hallway or on a wall in the sewers.

Granny guide padlock code



The next item is the Battery, which is required to open a particular lock on the main door. Sometimes, it’s located in a secret closet, a cabinet under the stairs, and in a cupboard in the kitchen. Other times, players may spot it in the chimney in the crow room and inside a confidential area on the first floor.

Single-Use Remote Control

Another single-use item is the Remote Control. It’s like a key that you need to use to open the closet under the stairs. The closet is found in the main hallway. The remote control can be found in the meat room, inside the hidden room in the basement, one of the cupboards in the crow room, or in the crow’s cage inside the crow room (you’ll need to know where the bird seeds are in Granny). Other times, it’s in the bookshelf room.


After that, you need to know where the meat is in Granny to distract Granny’s spider in the spider room on the second floor. You can only use it for ten seconds as a diversion. If you fail to get what you need inside the room, you must exterminate the spider with a crossbow or a shotgun. The meat can be seen on top of the table in the sewer cell. Frequently, players can find it in the baby room or the closet in the crow room. But most of the time, it’s in a cupboard or the locker in the kitchen.

Two Cogwheels

Another set of items is Two Cogwheels. The two cogwheels are required to unlock the cogwheel safe. The safe is located in the playhouse in the backyard. First, the red cogwheel is behind the jail ventilator or inside the drawer in the second bedroom. Other players see it in the well bucket or on top of a shelf in the shed. Most of the time, it’s inside the drawer in the baby room.

Meanwhile, the orange cogwheel spawns in various locations, too. You might find this cogwheel behind the jail ventilator, just like the red cogwheel. Other times, it’s inside a microwave or the shed in the backyard. If not, it might be inside a wardrobe in the dining area or a sink in the bathroom.

Granny Cogwheel



The next single-use item is a Wrench, and you need it if you want to escape by car. You will only find it in the spider room locker. It can also be located inside the microwave or on the TV table. If not, it must be inside drawers in the second bedroom or behind the jail ventilator.

Car Engine

Another thing you need to use to escape by car is the Car Engine. Sometimes, you’ll find it on a shelf in the jail room. If not, it must be inside the safe in the basement. But if you still don’t see it, it might be inside the well bucket, on top of the TV table, and beneath the drawers in the second bedroom.

Spark Plug

The Spark plug is also necessary to escape via car. You can find the spark plug in the spider room, the melon, the playhouse, or in the drawer in the study. If you still can’t find it, the spark plug might be inside a drawer in the hidden area on the first floor.


The food needed to distract the crow in the crow room and to get the item inside the cage is the Birdseed. You’ll locate the Birdseed in the closet in the crow room or car trunk in the garage. Sometimes you might see it in the locker in the spider room, table inside the shed, and locker in the kitchen.


Lastly, we have the Melon, which you have to slice in the guillotine to get either the playhouse key, spark plug, master key, or padlock key. Sometimes, the Melon can be found at the workbench inside the shed, or inside the well bucket, or on the floor in the sewer cell. Most of the time, it’s inside the fridge or the car trunk in the garage.


The items listed above are the only single-use items you’ll need in Granny. Since there are various spawn locations for each item, this article will serve as a guide for you! Bookmark this in case you need it in the future when you play the Granny game again.