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Granny: Classic Jumpscare, Unique Gameplay

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On the surface, you might think Granny is just another cheap jumpscare game just to bamboozle you. On the contrary, Granny IS a scary game and it’s more immersive than other titles in the genre. You as the unnamed protagonist, find yourself in a secluded and musty cabin where only a lunatic would want to stay in. Your mission is to get out of there; but to leave, you must collect certain parts inside the house. Will you succeed in collecting everything you need or will you abandon all hope and throw yourself to Granny? The choice is yours!

A More Agile Smarter Protagonist

Fortunately, the protagonist you play as is not as limited as the ones in Slender or Pien. In many ways, you are more acrobatic here. You can sprint, jump, crouch, and sneak through obstacles to get what you need. However, every action you do has consequences. If you run around and jump through the house, Granny will most likely find you. Thread too slowly in your item hunt and Granny moves around faster.


in-game screenshot


It’s an impressive game for a free-to-play smartphone horror game. The dark, eerie game design, including Granny’s horrific features, make it more robust and immersive. Moreover, the randomized item placements make each game session feel refreshing and tense.

Step Up Your Escape with Defensive Items

One of the most infuriating moments in jumpscare games is the lack of weapons for you to use. In contrast, Granny lets you use equipment in case the demented elderly spots you. The game includes a shotgun and a tranquilizer that you need to assemble. The only problem is that these parts are hard to find and take up more time rather than just focusing on the items to make your escape.

Also, while you can use the guns on her, Granny is a tough cookie. She can’t die from a gunshot but she can be made unconscious. Don’t get too comfortable because she can only be unconscious for a short time. However, you can run freely around the house if she’s in that state. This leaves you more room to get the items you need to escape. Just keep in mind that weapons can only be used once. You’ll also have to deal with the man-eating spider in the basement.

Reading about the features in Granny is fun but you’ll have a better time if you try it for yourself. So, get on your gaming chair and play Granny on PC for free or are you too chicken to take the plunge?