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Comparing Granny to Other Jumpscare Games

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Without a doubt, Granny is a very horrific game and it’s cool gameplay mechanics make it even better. With the inclusion of sneaking and shooting, Granny is an intense horror game combined with elements from puzzle and shooter games. However, there are still other competitive horror titles in the gaming industry. So we’re going to find out how our Granny compares to them:

Granny Versus Amnesia

While it isn’t purely a jumpscare game, this psychological horror game put players on the edge of their seats with its sanity meter. Lose your insanity and see yourself seeing odd things on-screen along with a creature that constantly haunts you. One can say that Granny might have taken inspiration from this title in regards to its sneaking mechanic. But Amnesia can get very linear over multiple playthroughs, while the latter– though smaller in scale– gives you an entirely new experience with every game.

The Slender Menace Against The Gruesome Granny

The horror sub-genre that started it all. If it wasn’t for Slender, we would never have these short thrill ride horror games. Slender was released in 2012 on PC and quickly became a source of let’s play for YouTubers at that time. It was a hit thanks to its atmospheric vibes and creepy antagonist. You need to collect 8 children’s notes found randomly in the woods before Slender comes to get you. The more you collect, the more likely he shows up.

While it was a scary experience, the frustrating slow walk of the protagonist and the non-existent defenses kind of made the game unfair unless you were good at spotting where the Slender Man.

In Granny, you are more agile and may even take her up for a quick fight. The thrilling feeling of giving the antagonist a piece of your mind makes this game more engaging than Slender.

Five Nights at Freddy’s or One Night with Granny

In 2014, Scott Cawthon created a modern classic that oddly became a hit to teenagers and pre-teens. Five Nights at Freddy’s was a horror “simulation” where you play as a night shift guard of a pizzeria.

Oddly, the animatronics inside the shop happen to move on their own and start to haunt you. You need to watch the surveillance, constantly close the doors, and know where the monsters are located. While you can’t move throughout the game. The intense observation and multitasking made FNaF such an intense game.

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Playing Five Nights at Freddy’s is unique but the fact you can’t move around to hide or defend yourself makes it too restrictive. It’s like the entire game is centered around giving you jump scares all the time. However, Granny takes it up a notch. You see she doesn’t care where you hide, as long as you’re in her home– she’s coming to get you.

Overall Granny is an awesome title on its own that combines multiple game elements to make it a great horror game. Despite its preference for the mobile platform, it’s still a remarkable cult classic you can enjoy on PC. So what’s stopping you from playing it? Download Granny on PC now– unless you’re afraid?